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Gardening the Knitted Gardens way

Why ‘knitted’? It’s all about joining the dots, spotting patterns, observing trends and providing the kind of content that interests and inspires everyone who has an outdoor space, whether it’s a double bed-sized city patio garden or endless acres of varied natural landscape to play with. We’ll take things way off piste for you, writing widely around a huge variety of subjects to discover the unexpected, the science, the insights, the new developments, the fresh discoveries and the products that help people like you create gardens to die for.

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Creative gardening – Everything you need to know

We’ll delve deep into the far corners of the internet to reveal both the traditional and new, innovative ways to transform your outdoor space. We’ll inspire you to create a place you can barely bear to leave at the end of the day, an environment so delightful it warms your heart whenever you look at it, and boosts your well-being every time you go out into it.

Garden architecture – Taking the mystery out of creating natural beauty

If you’re looking for tips about building the bare bones of a superb garden, a structure that’ll support years and years of pleasure as well as being practical to use as a family entertainment space, we cover it. And we’ll bring the best of landscape architecture innovation and tradition to bear on the ordinary-sized gardens most of us have. Just because it’s tiny, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an absolute stunner.

Garden decor and furniture

A garden can be a space where you indulge your creativity, whether it’s making your own outdoor sculptures and artwork or re-purposing interesting bits and bobs to transform them into something unique, something eyecatching and special. We’ll trawl the internet on your behalf and showcase the best solutions to give your garden an edge, including the best and most beautiful garden furniture.

a gunnera plant

Right-on ways to make a garden thrive

Are you still using peat-rich compost or, worse still, pure peat? If so it’s about time you stopped. We’ll explain why peat is such a no-no, and provide information about the environmentally friendly alternatives. Do you dig? It’s about time you ceased and desisted! Instead try no-dig gardening, the best way to keep your soil in good condition and protect essential soil microbes from deadly fresh air and sunshine.

Are you wildlife friendly? If not, why not? With the natural world under greater stress than ever, there’s no excuse for turning your garden into a sterile space where insects and the creatures who depend on them cannot thrive. The same goes for excessive tidiness. Messy gardening is the new rock ‘n’ roll, so much more nature-friendly than traditional militarily-precise beds and borders.

Our focus is on the ‘right on’ side of gardening. We’ll show you how to cause the least harm.

Garden trends – The latest fashions to follow

Trends come and trends go. What are the latest trends for gardeners to follow… or ignore, if you prefer? What colour and style of flowers are the sector’s great and good focusing on this year? What hard landscaping materials are top of the heap this season? What’s about to burst into life and surprise us all, the innovative and the quirky, the newly-discovered and the resurrected? We’ll enjoy covering them all, so you can choose whether ot not to follow suit.

Black cat in a garden

Garden products – Cool stuff for outdoors

There’s nothing quite like a teepee for log fires all year round outdoors. But which teepees are the best, can they stay outside through the entire year, what do they cost, and how much space do they take up? Can you decorate your teepee so it complements your garden? If so, what materials do you use? What about tents? You might want to pitch a gorgeous, thick, cream canvas traditional bell tent outdoors for the entire summer, a beautiful and stylish place to chill out of the sun. We’ll show you how to design the interior to perfection. We’ll also look at outdoor furniture, wildlife-friendly products, swings and hammocks, you name it.

Do you need a gardening expert to help you?

What, exactly, does a  Tree Surgeon do? And do you need one? What about a landscape gardener, garden maintenance expert or garden designer? What’s the difference and which – if any – couold change your gardening life for the better? How about the services of a hard landscaping person, AKA a construction expert or builder? We’ll talk you through the alternatives.

The arty bit – Outdoor colour, form and texture

Plenty of us get completely lost in space when faced with the massive choice of flowers, trees and shrubs we face in even the smallest garden centre. When it all gets too much, we find ourselves coming home with a car full of mis-matched items bought on impulse, with little or no sense of purpose let alone a clear rationale. We’ll reveal how to make the best job of colour, texture and form, create a gorgeous display that looks like you meant it to be that way, and stay sane in the process.

pink water lily in a pond

Common questions answered

How short – or long – should you cut your lawn? When can you prune and when is it best to let things lie? Is there any work to do in a garden through the winter, and if so what is it? How to keep sheds, fencing and other wooden garden structures looking good, in decent condition? What can you do to make your gazebo look totally fabulous? What kind of wildlife can you expect in your garden, and how can you encourage more? We look at all this and more, answering all the commonly-asked gardening questions.

Your all-round gardening resource

Add all this together and you get a vivid, lively, constantly-updated resource to help you design, build, create and maintain a glorious garden that suits your taste and needs perfectly, is a dream to keep in good condition and ticks all the right conservation boxes.  Most of all, it’s fun. No dry, dull stuff, no difficult-to-understand advice, just plain language content written in a friendly, approachable style. We hope you get a whole lot out of it. Come back regularly for new stuff, updated at least once a week and often more frequently. Enjoy!

snowy garden in winter