Fast Growing Trees – Which Trees Grow the Fastest?

You want to create lots of lovely height in your backyard to provide an attractive backdrop for low-slung plants, or to help you take control of your own horizons, or to deliver cool shade to your home. But you don’t want to wait years – or even decades – to enjoy the wonderful effect a mature tree provides. Not to worry. Here are some fast growing trees to choose from, all of which will deliver the goods in just a few years.

First, a quick word about planting out mature tree specimens. You can do that, of course, assuming you have enough cash to pay for a large tree and the help you’ll need to get it into the earth – not something you can generally do on your own without experts on hand. But planting mature specimens comes with problems that can be hard to overcome.

Plant large and you’ll also need to stake the tree really well against the wind, since it will already have a large and mature profile for the wind to blow and the roots won’t have had the chance to anchor the tree down as they usually would through natural growth. Your best bet, for the health and wellbeing of the tree apart from anything else, is to exercise patience and start relatively small. Not inches high, but feet rather than tens of feet.

eucalyptus tree leaves

13 lucky fast growing trees for your garden

As long as you plant a tree in the right soil and the correct situation, it’ll reward you with steady growth. Here are some of the fastest growing trees around.

  1. Eucalyptus, AKA gum trees grow fast – and they’re evergreen, so look amazing all year round
  2. Nuttall Oak, also known as red oak or pin oak, is probably the fastest-growing type of oak tree
  3. Leyland Cypress – Leylandii has a very bad reputation for getting out of control but only because people let it go mad. All you need to do is keep it trimmed and it cannot grow too big – it’s one of those gardening no-brainers far too many people forget
  4. Japanese cedar grows rapidly and has lovely, feathery foliage that goes slightly purplish in cold weather
  5. Tulip poplar grows quickly in full sun or partial shade and has pretty spring flowers into the bargain
  6. Hybrid Poplar can grow eight feet a year, seriously speedy
  7. The Northern Catalpa has big, dramatic flowers and is also called the cigar tree or the catawba
  8. Lovely, dramatic Red Maple grows 3 to 5 feet per year
  9. Weeping Willow grow anything from 3 feet to 8 feet per year, especially when they’re near water, which they love
  10. Paper Birch, also called Sil;ver Birch, grows like mad and looks gorgeous in winter thanks to its silvery bark
  11. The humble Sycamore can grow as much as six feet a year and is one of britain’s fastest-growing trees
  12. Laurel grows really fast and grows to tree height even though it’s kind of a shrub rather than an actual tree. It comes in many varieties including colourful variagated versions
  13. Italian Cypress grows several feet a year and has that legendary pencil-thin profile

Our best advice about planting trees in your yard? It’s simple. Follow the instructions on the label – the grower knows best. Happy planting!

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